Grand Theatre, Film production, Fashion Show & Celebration Hat Collection. New interpretations of many classical Vintage hat styles of the 20th Century for 2020.


About: My passion for elegant hats has intensified from my historical collection of fashion images from Paris, and my research into the greatest Fashion Designers of the 19th and 20th century. including the love of textiles, wool/yarns lace and more. Some striking images from Paris within my archive and my creative talents have brought this knitting project together.   Some of the images that have inspired my work are shown on my website     Assembling the yarn textiles and accessories is an exciting part of my work with the colour matching in mind.

The period vintage style hat then seems to evolve from my knitting, without a pattern in sight, making a multi fusion of fabulous ideas culminating into a unique one and only creation. All are 100% handmade originals by me. Each design is unrepeatable, only a similar style could be made and not an exact replica.

Everyone still loves the 1920’s so I have included this era, but I have also managed a magnificent ladies bowler hat, a top hat, and another hat with a large brim which has become my most inventive creation.   Another project on the production line is a wonderful vintage oval shaped hat with satin flowers and ribbon sashes. My hat designs are particularly suitable for theatre, or film productions, for fashion shows, exhibitions, high-impact social events, photo shoots, and for unusual striking unique gifts.

About our Special Unique Features: –  Much attention has been given to making a perfectly accurate fit for your size. These handmade original hats are crafted in natural wool/yarns with many beautiful luxury designer fabrics, ribbons, lace & beads sourced in France.

My Latest original editions to the product hat shopping pages are winter seasons Christmas Hats, Pom Pom Hats, and a ladies Bowler Hat.  Red is the dominant Christmas colour intended to complement this special time.



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