Grand Theatre, Film production, Fashion Show & Celebration Hat Collection. New interpretations of many classical Vintage hat styles of the 20th Century for 2020.

Hat pins for the record

Antique Hat Pins were an essential part of a hat accessories wardrobe.  Finding the right one meant a collection was needed of all shapes and sizes.  Pearl heads were very popular on the large hats of 1908 onwards. This image is particularly fine and shows many interesting designs. Butterflies, Stones. Silver designs, and enamel work pins were practical and extremely decorative.

From Fashion Journal Femina – Paris

Charles Boutet de Monvel - 1855-1913.


Elaborate studded early 1900 hat pins.  

Hat PIN - 1900 . x2

Hat PIN - 1900





 Pearls and diamonds were “A girls best friends”

gold-plate on metal, or precious solid gold!

Swirling twisting snakes, butterflies, birds, bees

and flowers all were used for hat pin emphasis.