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Bowler Hat History.  The classic Bowler instantly represents the history of British style. It originally came into being in l849 and was produced by the hat makers called   Thomas & Western Bowlers – for the hatters Lock & Co of St. James’s London. They advertised in Europe and I have found a wonderful advertisement for them in a copy of L’Illustree a journal of Paris, France.   The first design was for Edward Coke a younger brother of the second Earl of Leicester. Commissioned as a robust riding hat worn by gamekeepers to protect them from injury.   In London, the first Bowlers flew from the shop and were priced at 12 shillings.   Advertisements show that it became prolific in Europe all through the early 1900’s fluctuating in popularity up to the present day.


Bowler Hat History 1926 The Textured Weave
1926 The Textured Weave


Bowler Hat History
Petit Echo de la Mode 1926


Bowler Hat History
Olive Green with an angled brim 1926

The “City Gent” in the 1950’s especially in London, could not be seen without his bowler hat trademark to show his importance in the business culture of the city.

The list of who wears this style is huge, culminating from celebrities to the street. A profusion of `movie stars is important in the history of the hat, together with the famous politician Churchill and also the Royals.  Now it is the turn of the Vintage Scene.   Everyone can wear the Bowler as it is acceptable for any occasion that demands prominent attention!   Ladies, it is no longer only for men, step out in the latest trend today.

Convenience:   Having a bad hair day but must have a classic stylish look. Bring out the new Bowler hat showing a very feminine feature all of your own. Keep black if you wish and try my idea of a one-off creation – LadyLaviniaHats with a flourish of colourful hat accessories, using sashes, ribbons, flowers, beads, and bows.  © Copyright 2015  (See Terms & Conditions).