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The evolution of the Cloche Hat History – comes very much earlier than the 1920’s. Aspects of it’s design appear as far back as 1799 by the similarity of “Le Chapeau au ballon|”   with the accessory being a long tall plume.

This rare drawing shows a very close fitted round hat worn slightly back on the head by a young lady from the  Lorraine region of France.

Cloche Hat
Dessin Debut du XIX Siecle

It is documented by an illustration that a wide ornamental shaped headband was shown in Poster Advertisements dated 1899, which were sometimes adorned with flowers. They were for perfume and coffee advertisements in France. The headbands are filled in with fabric forming a fitted skull cap decorated with beads and embroidery. This was an early fitted round shape very like the cloche hat. (Not to be confused with a turban wrapped around the head).   This close-fitting hat was constantly worn as a glamorous statement at state banquets, dances, and for drama on stage.

1905 – Simplicity in a single satin ribbon around the head with feathers fixed at the side, appeared being the desired hat decoration of the 1920’s as well.

During the early 1900’s the period of the huge brimmed and vastly decorated hats, came a “Hat Revolution” instigated by young ladies who wanted to be different and break away from the previous generation’s elaborate hats of their mother’s and grandmother’s, so a new fashion wave arrived. It was called shocking, unsuitable and provocative, and even banned by some strict family traditionalists. The new demand for this change was taken up by an innovative Milliner Caroline Reboux a well-known Parisian in 1908. This masterpiece was called The Cloche, which is the translation for a bell in French.   (My new logo has been designed with this thought in mind by the talented illustrator and men\s bespoke writer Kaloyan Ivanov Esq}.

This hat revolution also included cropping off long locks of hair into a short angled cut to suit the new mood for young ladies of taste in Paris.    The shape of this hat was, and is now, perfect in many ways and has become an unbeatable hit. It is quick to put on and then being angled individually to suit, also it is very adaptable for many accessories such as art deco jewellery, diamond broaches, creative fabric pieces attached, even floating long scarves sashes and ribbons, making one hat interchangeable for every day of the week.

The BELL shape fitted the head tightly around to the nape of the neck at the back. Some Cloche hats were blocked to keep their shape, others were softer and moulded to fit the wearer.   Many were handmade as everyone loved to sew their own version. Shops soon had every imaginable style to tempt, even a mother to switch her headgear!

LADIES HAT Secret Signals:   I like this one! which gave a discrete message to gentlemen. Sashes that were firmly tied meant they were married, a loosely tied bow or knot meant they were in a relationship or engaged to be married and definitely not available. A flowing tie or large decadent bow meant the lady was single and sociable!

By 1920 the cloche hat style was firmly adopted internationally, together with the angled short cropped haircut to suit.   The smaller brims were also added shaped downwards, giving the bell shape a slightly softer dimension, and showing a more prominent crown.

Stylish cloche hats 1920's
Stylish cloche hats 1920’s


Exclusive cloche style
Exclusive cloche style

From 1930’s until the present day this style has flourished in popularity.

2014-15  The Cloche hat is still sold in quantity this winter in south-western France, although a milder climate than usual has happened continuing to December.  


One of my creations for a modern Cloche Hat so far May 2015:

Red & Black 1920s hat FRONT
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