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Edwardian Ladies Hats – during the first decade of the 20th Century, the introduction of ladies hats with enormous wide brims, overflowing with huge feathers and flowers, ribbons and bows, was produced.  This page is for the archive of wondrous wide-brimmed hats from our rare collection of fashion publicity photographs and fashion journals and theatre articles.

Black hats were the first choice at this time because so many different colours could be added by way of ribbons feathers and jewels.  Long evening dresses and coats also were worn giving a straight narrow line overall.  This gave the hat a magnificent large focus point.

Stage Theatre Hats.

An actress in the Paris Theatre wore our first hat image which was shown on the front cover of Le Theatre in 1911. A medium sized brim with the crown covered in ostrich plumes. She was a well-travelled lady performing in America and Paris.

Edwardian Ladies Hats
Sept 1911 Theatre – Anna Held – Paris

The brim is getting bigger here and gaining in height!

Edwardian Ladies Hats
Anna Held – Theatre 1911

A zoom in from the above photo shows a magnificent gown of lace with a velvet stole.  This hat has the feathers clipped in with a fan-shaped ornament.


Theatre hat §911 Anna Held Paris black white photo


Edwardian Ladies Hats Archive