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Vintage Evening hats from the past

Vintage Evening Hats are rather hard to find. Many elaborate afternoon hat styles worn during the 1920s and 1930s if worn in the evening today would be most acceptable, as flowers and veils to match a long evening gown look stunning. Beaded cloche hats are another idea.  Colours to match a dress or evening coat look wonderful.

Wide-brimmed straw hats trimmed with flowers also became popular for long summer cotton dresses.    The fashion designer Worth designed an evening pink coloured veil attached to flowers, worn at the back of the head.  As the dancing began the veil flowed back and swirled around creating an eye-catching image for the gentlemen around the dance floor.

Hairstyles for evening hats require much thought depending on a sleek tied back style is required, or curls are long at the back. Medieval hairstyles favoured a parting down the middle and in France a  shaped band over the head, this gave a very elegant structure and matched well the square neckline worn for the top of the dress.

Here is the first one found in a Fashion Journal called Chapeaux de Paris – dated 1953  A simple beaded band of great elegance.  Something very similar to this was found in a publication from 1846.  This construction could be copied today using a wide velvet hat band around the head and attaching the beaded band across the middle.  This would make a very effective theatrical piece by adding hanging pearls across the forehead!

By Rose Valois 1953
By Rose Valois 1953


Designer Maggy Rouff chose this Tricorn Evening Dress and hat – in Rose velour. A sideways set feather is most unusual and decorative for this striking shaped hat.

Tricorne shaped evening hat and dress by Maggy Rouff - 1953
Tricorne shaped evening hat and dress by Maggy Rouff – 1953


Velvet Shapes on an evening cap with a veil – 1953

Evening Cap - 1953
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