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  Fedora hat history from 1882 belongs to a great Lady of talent in fashion, art, and many stage performances at The Royal Theatre in Paris, she is the famous Sara Bernhardt. Her memorable part was to play the heroine, Princess Fedora a French play adapted by Victorian Sardou. (1889).

Inspired by this, Parisian ladies wore the Fedora and it quickly spread to many countries.

Eventually, gentlemen came to adopt the hat as well and it became widely worn by for it’s elegance and mysterious conations.

To remember and celebrate let’s continue her trend by wearing this superb example of a feminine vintage hat that dominates most of the 20th century.


This view of an up-turned brim of a Fedora is called Chapeaux Solange – 1905  The Front Cover of La Mode Parisienne.


Fedora Hat history
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