Grand Theatre, Film production, Fashion Show & Celebration Hat Collection. New interpretations of many classical Vintage hat styles of the 20th Century for 2020.

The mystery of the hidden face by the veil makes designing the headpiece even more intricate than an ordinary hat.   It has many functions, to hold the veil in place securely while the bride walks down the isle of the church to be a stunning but also simple, and above all to match the whole dress design perfectly.     Many past wedding hats & headdresses are shown in these images.

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The Wedding Guest – 1907

Silver straw with red velvet bows and feathers make a stunning picture here.

Past Wedding Hats Guest - 1907
Wedding Guest – 1907


Hat Commentary


A huge diversity of designs has evolved from the past to the present.

Hat paintings, illustrations and photographs appeared in profusion in all the Paris fashion journals capturing events and advertisements changing trends.

Now hats greatly influence the way hairstyles are created and adapted for the Paris fashions and catwalk shows.   Short cropped cut styles seem to have been put on the back burner for awhile as long hair is so elegant and sometimes can be on the wild side.  The hairstyle in the past wedding hats image above shows the most elegant way of styling for a special occasion.

Our unique unusual yarn recreations hope to capture the style and atmosphere of the magnificent 20th-century era and also bring a new twist into the mix. Top hats, the cloche hat, the brimmed hats and even the ever-popular pom-pom hats for warmth are among our new inspirational designs.

The season reflect glorious colours in all fashions and our yarns have been carefully selected for this year’s winter collection for © Copyright 2015