Bowler Hat Drama Queen Bowler Hat Drama Queen

Bowler Hat Drama Queen


A traditional black ladies bowler hat with embroidered gold & black French lace and a long gold back veil is dramatic, classic and new.


Bowler Hat DRAMA QUEEN  –  A Dramatic Theatre/Opera/film Production Vint

A new handmade One-off original design pattern, and accessories by LadyLaviniaHats

Bowler Hat Drama Queen is a magnificent period stage bowler hat. Firstly, this characterful hat starts a totally individual new design image. Rare dramatic accessories adorn a plain knitted Bowler Hat making a truly impressive impact so great!

Specifically, the detail of the hat base is created with black yarn in a special knitted lace stitch. A superb classic bowler shaped crown ends with It a rolled brim.

Effective wide gold embroidery edging on a fine voile strip hangs down at each side. This is attached to reflective gold netting attractively rushed and then it flows down at the back. The extra height is achieved by an attached crown of fabric A satin sash tie is treaded around the hat to end knotted at the back.

This vintage style hat conjures up visions of a memorable mourning, or the opposite a celebration Royal Wedding on set, or stage!

It is fully lined in a soft pattern jersey stretch fabric of similar colour tones. All handmade stitching with a brand label attached.

Where to wear this Style:

Ideal source, suitable for an Opera/Theatrical/ballet Royal performance, a flamboyant film Award event, a film historical costume documentary, an exhibition, or a big Fashion Show.

Also suitable as a perfect unique gift idea for someone very special.

Special design feature:   Created to have a firm secure fit, fully adjustable to individual sizes.

Presenting our photo gallery of this truly stunning Bowler Hat Drama Queen

This photo shows the French gold embroidered lace band softly flowing down by each side of the veil.

Bowler Hat Drama Queen
Drama Queen side long veil


The trend at the moment:   Try our vintage Feminine Style Bowler Hat with a long gold evening coat. Importantly it is extremely wearable, soft, pliable, knitted with care and warm for the winter. Furthermore, it has a very secure fitting.

Comment: This unique bowler hat can be worn for many dramatic versatile scenarios on and off stage. Cause a Block Buster Show!


More Views of this Bowler Hat – Drama Queen below:

Bowler Hat Drama Queen
Close Detail of`hat


Bowler Hat - Drama Queen zoom
Drama Queen zoom


Style the whole of the back Gold Veil over the front of the face for a dramatic and rather mysterious entrance…. 

 Bowler Hat Drama Queen
The Gold Veil is draped over the front for this view



Bowler Hat Drama Queen
CLOSE UP of Gold Veil


We welcome more enquiries about this hat as it has many detailed qualities.


Additional information


Mixed yarns, Pure new wool


Black, Gold


Only one made. Unrepeatable


Made in France


Hand made, Original, Unique


Embroidered lace

Hat Size

Medium – Adjustable


Stretch fabric




Specialist Dry Cleaning


Designer Label inside hat – – Gold lettering on black.


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