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Bright red hat

Bright Red Christmas Hat


This large curving shaped brim is very effective.  The brightest Christmas soft red yarn has been used for this lovely hat.   Set within a good price budget range. It has a large ribbon tie at the back.


Our Bright Red Christmas Hat compliments the happy winter season.  To begin with, the hat has a large curving brim which is easy to style.  Continuing up to high crown with a satin green and red ribbon around the centre. It is then tied at the back into a bow. The wool that is used is a vibrant bright red and soft to the touch. This hat is an ideal gift for the winter season.

To make your own personal statement, any hat accessory, (a scarf, jewellery or embroidery) will easily attach to this hat.  In addition, any fashionable Necklace would be excellent to wear too.

Outside Forest Photo Shoot of our Bright Red Christmas Hat

These images were taken in front of a Fir Tree last September 2017

Bright Red Christmas Hat


View 2 A side image of this hat


Bright Red Christmas Hat


View 3 A longer shot of this hats side view


Bright Red Christmas Hat


View 4 This photo shows the hat slightly set back on the head creating a perfect shape.


Bright Red Christmas HatView 5  Lastly a detailed back zoom shot photo, showing the contrasting green and red satin ribbon.
Bright Red Christmas HatThis hat is unlined and has an adjustable ribbon tie


Hat Commentary 

From the past to the present many hat designs have evolved throughout France.

Several hat paintings, illustrations and photographs appeared in profusion in all the Paris fashion journals. They captured events and advertisements changing trends. Presently, hats greatly influence the way hairstyles are created and adapted for the Paris catwalk shows.   Short cropped cut styles seem to have been put on the back burner for awhile as long hair is so elegant and sometimes can be on the wild side.

Our unique unusual yarn recreations hope to capture the style and atmosphere of the magnificent 20th-century era and also bring a new twist to the mix. Top hats, the cloche hat, the brimmed hats and even the ever-popular pom-pom hats for warmth are among our new inspirational designs.

In conclusion, everywhere the season reflects glorious colours in all fashions and our yarns have been carefully selected for this year’s winter collection.

Additional information


Made in France


Only one made. Unrepeatable


patterned, Satin

Hat Size

Large, Medium – Adjustable


Hand made, Original, Unique