Christmas pom pom hat - Lady Lavinia Hats Christmas pom pom hat - Lady Lavinia Hats

Purple pom pom hat

Christmas pom pom hat


Purple for a change this Christmas. A traditional pom hat for the day-time. The perfect gift idea – Ordinary it is not, Glittering Glitz,! – something different.



The Christmas pom pom hat is now the most stylish one around.  An unusual blend of purple colours culminates in our unique version our Christmas pom pom hat. Additionally, it is entwined with glittering cerise pink metallic threads. The border has a band of purple wool/fur to match the top.  As well as this, It has a ribbed stitch with makes a warm cosy hat. Furthermore, it is ideal for Christmas afternoon country walks.  For this reason, it makes special gift ideal for ladies of the house. To summarize, this classic trend could stay in your wardrobe for the winter every year!

Photo gallery shots of our Christmas pom pom hat


Firstly. a direct front view shows off the graded hat colours.

Christmas Pom Pom Hat


Design qualities include in particular the features of easy wearability for today’s busy ladies. The glittering metallic threads do not appear within these photographs, they do blend well with the whole hat colours.


Christmas Pom Pom Hat



Trees in leaf for this outside Photo shots, to see the daytime look.

As can be seen from these hat photo’s lots of design detail looks not only interesting but appealing too.

Christmas pom pom hat



A good detailed side photo shows the smart oval shape of the hat

Christmas pom pom hat side view


Larger photos of this Christmas pom pom hat.


Christmas pom pom hat long view


Another hat view


Christmas pom pom hat long view


A back view showing the shape of this snug fitting hat


Christmas pom pom hat back view


Hat Commentary 2017/18

Our collection offers the flexibility of many different styles to match vintage clothes.

Past hat paintings, illustrations and photographs appeared in profusion in all the Paris fashion journals. They eloquently were capturing events and advertisements changing trends.

Now hats greatly influence the way hairstyles are created and adapted for the Paris fashions and catwalk shows.   Short cropped cut styles seem to have been put on the back burner for awhile as long hair is so elegant and sometimes can be on the wild side.

Our unique unusual yarn recreations hope to capture the style and atmosphere of the magnificent 20th-century era and also bring a new twist to the mix. Top hats, the cloche hat, the brimmed hats and even the ever-popular pom-pom hats for warmth are among our new inspirational designs.

In final analysis, the seasons reflect glorious colours in all fashions and our yarns have been carefully selected for this year’s winter hat collection for

Buy now this superior quality Christmas pom pom hat for your 1st choice present!

Additional information


Made in France

Hat Size

Medium – Adjustable


Lavender, Purple


Hand made, Original, Unique