Gold Finger - Ladies Bowler Hat Gold Finger - Ladies Bowler Hat


Gold Finger Ladies Bowler Hat & gloves

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Glam Gold Tall Ladies Bowler Hat and long fingerless gloves complete the James Bond theme!  Star events and celebrations only for this unique hat piece. Bargain SALE PRICE applies until December 2017





At first glance, Gold Finger Ladies Bowler Hat & gloves – is a matching set of pure heaven. To illustrate this firstly, it is a tall Ladies Bowler Hat in luxurious gold metallic threads with subtle mixed two-tone wools. Exclusively, they are used in this creative new design. Secondly, the long gold gloves are adjustable on the top forearm. The bowler hat is knitted in the style of the1920’s, then elegantly decorated with a gold fabric & knitted flower.The long bands are curled at the ends.  At the same time, the shape of the hat is all in all perfect.

A new handmade One-off original design pattern, and accessories by

Photos of Gold Finger Ladies Bowler Hat & Gloves


Gold finger Ladies bowler
Gold tall Bowler Hat Web

Included are matching gloves, which can be worn high, or slightly pushed down for a different look.  To summarize, they are really elegant when worn with a long evening gown. (See images below).

Gold Finger Ladies Bowler.


Attention seeking? There is no doubt, movement is certainly created by the long curled Braids


Gold Finger Ladies Bowler
Close up view

Also especially, this duo is suitable for a perfect unique gift idea for someone very special.

The trend at the moment: The vintage feminine style 1920s tall Ladies Bowler Hat.

Comment: *****   When visiting an important new Cemina, celebration or party, then try wearing this Gold Finger Hat set!  2017’18

Back View and Hat gold lining:

Gold finger ladies bowler - The perfect dome shape
The perfect dome shape


As an example of the inside of this hat, this photo shows the detailed finishing.


Gold tall Bowler Hat lining
Gold tall Bowler Hat lining

Long Gold matching evening fingerless gloves

Furthermore, our luxurious long gold fingerless gloves reach above the elbow and are extremely elegant to go with an evening gown. They are an accessory to give warmth when wearing something light. They are included with the purchase of the Goldfinger – Tall Ladies Bowler Hat.

Long Gold fingerless evening gloves
Long Gold fingerless evening gloves

More zoomed glove views:

Top of glove hands
Top of glove hands


Adjustable ties to the top of the gold gloves
Adjustable ties at the top of the gold gloves

Comments:  Finally, for any stage or media production, for example, it is suggested that a gold net veil could be attached to the rear of the hat thus making an actor’s grand entrance very effective.



Additional information


Mixed yarns, Wool


Gold, Slate grey, Tweed Multi colour yarn

Hat Size

Large, Medium – Adjustable


Fingerless gloves, Hand knitted flower, Hand made fabric decoration.


Only one made. Unrepeatable


Gold stiffened fabric


Made in France


Hand made, Original, Unique


Specialist Dry Cleaning


Designer Label inside hat – – Gold lettering on black.


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