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Helmet Cloche Hat

Helmet Cloche Hat – Winter Warmer


A Sensational Helmet style Cloche the latest edition for this Winter Season. A new colour mixed yarn and contrasting feminine printed headband.  A smash hit for the outdoors, daytime LADY!


We think this latest Helmet Cloche Hat is suitable for cold winter weather because it protects your ears and also the back of the neck. First of all, I have used a large thick knitted yarn, by incorporating two coloured types of wool. The main colour combination alternates between a rose pink, cream and dark brown. In addition, the tie is made of printed cotton with a design showing an attractive flower pattern, it ties at the back of the helmet cloche hat with a secure adjustable knotted bow. Especially relevant, is that this hat design is for ladies participating in the great outdoors in a cooler climate. The hat has plenty of room in the crown area accommodating for high hairstyles or added scarves.  In conclusion, we think this is a very practical and worthwhile purchase for the coming 2018 season.


A NEW DESIGN by ladylaviniahats.com

Here are the photo’s of this new Helmet Cloche Hat


Helmet Cloche Hat



This front view shows the full Helmet shape and the protective neck brim. The adjustable band is held in place by neat stays placed around the helmet and then it is securely tied.

Helmet Cloche Hat



Finally, this is the back view of this stunning hat.

Helmet Cloche Hat



Hat Comments

The Helmet began as a man’s protective headgear when he was going into battle and was made of a very strong iron or steel.   Now the ladies helmet style has become the traditional Winter Seasons cold weather hat. It is still a protective hat having a deep back brim and it usually comes down over the ears.

The lining of these warm hats can be made from a modern fleece fabric.   This one has not been lined yet and we are working on this as an added accessory that can be removable if not required, and not just stitched in permanently.






Additional information


Made in France


Only one made. Unrepeatable


Tweed multi colour yarn, Wool

Hat Size

Large, Medium – Adjustable


Hand made, Original, Unique


Mixed Rose Cream and Brown

Brim Size

curved brim


Handmade tie