Lavender- Ladies hat and fingerless gloves Lavender- Ladies hat and fingerless gloves

Lavender Ladies Hat fingerless gloves


This “Magical silver expandable veil is most alluring, and the large pom pom’s mounted on the sides are very striking.   Lavender is an excellent vintage revival for 2016.


A new handmade one-off original design pattern and accessories by

Our Lavender Ladies Hat – Includes luxury fingerless long gloves and has shimmering silver threads throughout.  Firstly, it is designed to impress any occasion of grandeur.  Additionally, this hat has a rolled brim and the crown is worked in a textured twisted lace stitch. Nothing quite like this has been seen on the internet before and is highly recommended. The accessories for the hat were all chosen and purchased in France.

Photo Gallery of this Lavender Ladies Hat and fingerless long gloves


Lavender Ladies Hat fingerless gloves
Lavender Hat with sash


Effectively, another bold feature of this piece is two stunning large side mounted pom poms.

Lavender hat pom pom views
Lavender hat pom pom views


This exceptionally prominent hat which has lots of silver light reflection in the evenings. Additionally, it also could be most impressive for a stage or film production.  A most adaptable silver expandable veil can be lowered, or left as part of the brim.

Directly on the right side view, this photo shows the stitches and consummate shaping of the hat.

Lavender side 2



The top of the hat is flat and a well-defined shape edged in twisted cords. 

Lavender Ladies Hat fingerless gloves
Top view of the hat

The originally designed fingerless gloves are worn to the elbow and have panels of the twisted lace stitch around the hand and upper arm of the glove.  Satin adjustable ribbons make a good fit around the top.

Lavender Ladies Hat fingerless gloves
Lavender Fingerless elbow length gloves with silver threads


Fingerless glove Lavender





Matching gloves for our hat are included with your purchase.    They are so elegant when worn together.








Extra soft padded lining for warmth and comfort 

Lavender inside lining
Lavender inside lining


Comments:  This matching Ladies Hat and fingerless gloves are really a new innovation when assembled together, and have a unique stylish finish, quality & wow factor!

Additional information


Light reflective metallic threads, Wool


Lavender, Metallic Silver

Hat Size

Large, Medium – Adjustable


expandable veil, Pom Poms, Twisted Cords, Voile Scarf/sash


Only one made. Unrepeatable


Soft padding for crown shape, Stretch fabric


Made in France


Hand made, Original, Unique


Specialist Dry Cleaning


Designer Label inside hat – – Gold lettering on black.


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