Lime Spliz Fedora Hat Lime Spliz Fedora Hat

Lime Splitz Fedora Hat


This sophisticated Fedora hat has a flat black shaped crown with a wide lime brim, creating an especially nostalgic vintage era look.  Matching crinkle lime coloured ribbon is threaded around the hat, ending in a profusion of tied ribbon adjustable bows.

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This Lime Splitz Fedora Hat has a flat black shaped crown. Firstly, A delicate light crinkle lime coloured ribbon is threaded around the base. This finally ends at the back of the hat in a tied adjustable bow. Afterwards, I have added on the side an adjustable lime green rose flower. The black and lime green yarn and the accessories make a superb combination of strong colours for this stunning creation.  A magnificent wide brim is curved downwards and can be suitably styled by preference.   The positioning or styling of this hat is important, in order to obtain confidence when wearing it.

The back view photo of this Lime Splitz Fedora Hat


The ribbons are a strong feature and hang long, they catch movement with the wearer and are set against the beautiful black crown of the hat.


Lime Splits Fedora Hat
Lime splits – hat back view


This spectacular lime green wide brim is made of double thickness knitting. Therefore holding it’s shape well, also it is adaptable in that, it can be tilted upwards at the sides at an angle.  Finally, it is 4 inches wide. (view photo for detail).

Where to wear this Style: Ideally suitable for many smart functions, for a Wedding guest, a celebrity social event, a Theatrical/ballet performance, or even to create a sir at a cocktail party.

Also suitable as a perfect unique gift idea for someone very special.

The trend at the moment:   The vintage Feminine Style Lime Splitz Fedora Hat is unique in every way. – Easily wearable, it has a soft, pliable brim, is designed with care, and above all is warm for the winter.

Comment:   ***** Town, or City creation definitely a hit style of bold confidence. Just Fabulous!

In conclusion, this hat is truly very elegant and will guarantee maximum attention from everyone.  A wide International clientele could require this piece. Only one is available.

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Additional information


Mixed yarns, Pure new wool, Wool


Black, Lime green


Only one made. Unrepeatable


Made in France


Hand made, Original, Unique


Rose flower clip



Hat Size

Medium – Adjustable


Stretch fabric


Specialist Dry Cleaning


Designer Label inside hat – – Gold lettering on black.


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