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Midnight Blue glitter hat

Midnight Blue Glitter Hat


An unusual design feature is a knitted flower with hanging tassels added to the side of the hat  Stunning under the evening lights as it catches the light well, truly a Midnight Blue Glitter Hat


This rare Midnight Blue Glitter Hat is for evening-wear. The wool is a mixture of black mohair, dark blue wool and metallic blue threads. It is very soft and close fitting to the head and has an amazing flower decoration with long hanging twisted knitted tassels at the side. The hat can be worn at an angle or straight to suit your style.

Uniquely inspired by the 1920s era, this elegant stylish hat is a must for vintage fashion fans.

For instance, a dress, a smart suit or, a coat would look extremely smart when completed with this hat accessory. In particular, black, dark blue and glittering blue for the evening is a sure colour combination to make an impact.

An original design and the only one available this season.  This hat is packed in a luxury draw-string black net bag, as well as our normal secure boxed postal packaging.


Midnight Blue Glitter Hat



This hat is inspired by history with a very modern twist! 

An original design and the only one available this season.

Hat Commentary

Many hat paintings, illustrations and photographs have appeared in profusion in all the Paris fashion journals.  These historical records of events, advertisements and fashions allow us to glimpse into the past.

Currently, hats greatly influence the way hairstyles are created and adapted for the Paris fashions and catwalk shows.   Short cropped cut styles seem to have been put on the back burner for awhile as long hair is so elegant and sometimes can be on the wild side.

Our unique unusual yarn recreations hope to capture the style and atmosphere of the magnificent 20th-century era and also bring a new twist to the mix. Top hats, the cloche hat, the brimmed hats and even the ever-popular pom-pom hats for warmth are among our new inspirational designs. Evening hats have become more difficult to define because most hats are worn for day-time celebrations. This Midnight Blue Glitter Hat is therefore particularly rare.

The season reflect glorious colours in all fashions and our yarns have been carefully selected for this year’s winter collection for ladylaviniahats.com

 Clients Recommendation given for this Midnight Blue Glitter Hat

I have much admired this sparkling fitted round hat’s many qualities., and will explain why in detail.    In particular, as an illustration, for instance, the shape is eye-catching with attention to detail and construction.  Additionally, the side attached decoration with hanging twisted tassels adds to a new concept in shape and form.

Another quality of this creation is that no written pattern was used, making this hat uniquely rare. I would also like to emphasize that it has been designed as a one-off which cannot be repeated.


Additional information


Made in France


Only one made. Unrepeatable


Extra soft, iridescent, Light reflective metallic threads, Mixed yarns, Wool

Hat Size

Medium – Adjustable


Hand made, Original, Unique


Hand knitted flower, Handmade knitted decoration