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Noel red cloche hat

Noel Red Cloche Hat

SOLD For evening or day-time. A red glittering in the light, closely fitted hat with a handmade side decoration. Ideal for the Winter seasons celebrations


Our Noel Red Cloche Hat notably, has a ribbed stitch and is worn closely fitted to the head.  The yarn is a shade of deep red/maroon together with sparkling red metallic threads. They are extensively running through the whole hat.   Additionally, attached to the side of the cloche is a matching handmade flower set onto the netting. The round shape of this hat is both attractive and easy to wear anywhere.  An ideal hat for this Christmas season.   PRODUCT  –  SOLD

 Simply an elegant creation



Red Cloche hat


An outside photo shoot showing the contrasting green vegetation setting behind the hat.


Noel Red Cloche Hat



Noel Red Cloche Hat

Hat Commentary

Hat paintings, illustrations and photographs appeared in profusion in all the Paris fashion journals capturing events and advertisements changing trends. I have taken much inspiration from examining many examples of some incredible works from past publications.

Now hats greatly influence the way hairstyles are created and adapted for the Paris fashions. Short cropped cut styles seem to have been put on the back burner for awhile. Although not completely in provincial France. Nonetheless, long hair is so elegant and sometimes can be worn clipped up underneath a smart hat.

Our unique unusual yarn recreations hope to capture the style and atmosphere of the magnificent 20th-century era. As well as, bringing a new twist to the mix. Top hats, cloche hats, brimmed hats, even the ever-popular pom-pom hats are among our new favourite designs.

Changing seasons reflect glorious colours in all fashions and our yarns have been carefully selected for this year’s winter collection.

Fashion Recommendation for this product:

For the greatest style impact, impressively wear this hat slanted at a jaunty angle

Wind a pretty scarf under the hat and tie under your chin, letting the ends hang down in the front.

Most of all, match your accessories with the red and purple colours of the hat.

Try any of the above ideas when you have purchased this wonderful piece.

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Additional information


Made in France

Hat Size

Medium – Adjustable


Hand made, Original, Unique




Bordeaux, Maroon


Hand knitted flower


Only one made. Unrepeatable