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Sparkling Orange Cloche Hat

Sparkling Orange Cloche Hat


Dynamic dimensions for this beautiful Cloche Hat with a curved brim and luxurious designer ribbon tie, make an unusually modern look.


A vivid Sparkling Orange Cloche Hat with a shaped brim curved to a wider width at the back of the neck. A sparkling orange metallic thread runs throughout the hat giving a wonderful effect when worn under lights.  The ribbon around the hat is designed with orange circles giving an authentic 1920’s look. This is adjustable and ties in a bow at the back.   The design stitches are raised and textured and make the hat thick and warm for the winter chills. The wool is soft but firm. The crown is quite high and shaped giving plenty of room for full hairstyles.    An adaptable colour which could look stunning with black accessories.


Sparkling Orange Cloche Hat


Another view of this Sparkling Orange Cloche Hat shows how elegantly this style was created in the 1920’s.  This version has been inspired by lots of research and images from this time.


Sparkling Orange Cloche HatA new colour and design for our Winter Season Hat Collection


Back view zoom showing the printed wide ribbon with orange circle patterns.


Sparkling Orange Cloche Hat



Sparkling Orange Cloche Hat Comments

In the early 1900’s close-fitting hats with deep crowns were worn, being popular before and after World War 1. By 1916 this style was a must for the modern young lady for every event in her calendar.  In 1922-1925 the Cloche was worn with a smaller brim at the front, which makes our Sparkling Orange Cloche hat fit this era. After this time the brim was reduced substantially.  Art Deco accessories were attached, feathers, and jewellery as well.   Scarves were twisted and left to hang at the sides.  Great innovation was given to change the look of the hat so that it could then be worn with another fashionable garment.  Darker colours were often used because they could be adapted for many occasions.

The flattering popularity of the Cloche hat throughout the years of the last century has been greatly influenced by the popular lady stars of the entertainment industry.

The style of the Cloche hat seems to have appeared in every decade since they were first designed, up until 2017!




Additional information


Made in France


Only one made. Unrepeatable


Cotton, Embroidered, patterned

Hat Size

Large, Medium – Adjustable


Hand made, Original, Unique



Brim Size

curved brim


Adjustable, tied, cotton, Fabric