Winter Seasons Purple Flower Hat - Lady Lavinia Hats Winter Seasons Purple Flower Hat - Lady Lavinia Hats

Winter season purple flower hat

Winter Seasons Purple Flower Hat


An imposing image from any angle! This Purple and Red winter hat is for a very STYLISH lady of the day.  Another one will not be found this Christmas  The Price for the hat includes the flower clip too.


Primarily, this Winter Seasons Purple Flower Hat brings a new glow to cold weather at this time of the year. In addition, It uses soft purple yarn together with red yarn creating an interesting tweed look.  Attached to the side is a fine voile purple flower clip.  This can easily be moved to suit your specific style requirements. The smart rib stitch gives an expandable hat and it will fit most sizes. A flamboyant day-time occasion hat.

Photo shoot to display this beautiful Winter Seasons Purple Flower Hat


The ribbed stitches and full round shape are distinctive in this stunning photo.

Winter seasons purple flower hat



Daytime photo shoot of the Winter Seasons Purple Flower Hat


Winter Seasons Purple Flower Hat


View 2  A beautiful side view showing the purple flower clip


Purple Flower Hat


View 3 A longer photo showing the side of the hat on the mannequin

Purple Flower Hat


View 4 A longer shot of the front of the hat

Purple Flower Hat


View 5 The back of the hat showing the textured stitches

Purple Flower Hat This hat is unlined and shows the natural soft wool ribbed stitches.

Comments:   The modern terminology for this type of hat is the Beanie, this version is rather more unique as it is more subtle in it’s round fuller shape.  An interesting colour combination also gives an even newer look.  A sophisticated hat using a simple style is intended to delight everyone. Finally, the most adorable gift for a very special lady in mind.

Fashion Recommendation for this product:

An especially relevant way to wear this hat is to slant it at a jaunty angle for the greatest style impact!

Either change the flower clip to a rose, or any other flower choice, to make a changeable hat style.

Wind a pretty scarf under the hat and tie under your chin, letting the ends hang down in the front.

Most of all, match your accessories with the red and purple colours of the hat.

Try any of the above ideas when you have purchased this wonderful piece.


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Additional information


Made in France


Rose flower clip


Only one made. Unrepeatable