Grand Theatre, Film production, Fashion Show & Celebration Hat Collection. New interpretations of many classical Vintage hat styles of the 20th Century for 2020.

Shipping:   We Ship to International and European destinations. Shipping your hat from France is normally by UPS or France’s Postal system. Marked Prioritaire and then assessed by us for the weight & size.

Price: The estimated International price will be 15 Euros and added to your order in your Shopping Cart. (Postal Companies changes may occur at a later date) and we may have to adjust accordingly. This rate is based on shipping of one product only.   Bulk orders may be adjusted because of the extra weight & size incurred.

Recommendation for all purchases:  They should be insured to all destinations. This incurs an extra postal charged, to be advised.

Packaging:  Quality secure suitable packaging cartons/boxes will be used with an inner wrap to protect the contents. Great care is taken to pack these extremely precious hat purchases. Packaging charges are included in our shipping costs for the product, incurring no extra cost.  Extra care and attention will be taken for all packaging to avoid postal damage. 

Returns Policy:  Contact us immediately upon receipt of your purchase (within 48 hours). Every assistance will be given.  We are not responsible for the extra costs for postal returns.

Security:  We will take all steps to protect customer privacy and will not pass transactions or payment details to a third party.

Payment Policy:  Please comply with the check out procedures when adding to the cart.  Please use Secure PayPal for all purchases in our shop. Upon Bank clearance of your payment, we directly despatch your hat.

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