Grand Theatre, Film production, Fashion Show & Celebration Hat Collection. New interpretations of many classical Vintage hat styles of the 20th Century for 2020.

Tied Shawls & Head Scarves became an important feature during the 1950’s & 60’s mainly because they were cheaper than buying a completely new hat.   Wrapping them around existing hats gave a good base and enabled the building of height  in the design.    Beautiful embroidery was used on the ends and the scarf was left to hang down over a coat or jacket.  The scarf adorned a small or large hat equally well, becoming so versatile for any Ladies wardrobe accessory.  This front cover of Femme Chic, published in September 1943 is a perfect example of this classic style.  Our latest inserted image is from Marie Clare dated August 1939. It shows three examples of tied head scarves.  All images are held in the ladylaviniahats Archive 2016.

Embroidered Head Shawl - 1943
Embroidered Head Shawl – 1943


Scarf mounted around a hat shows great impact and is a clever twist.

Draped scarf - 1943
Draped scarf – 1943


Mounted over a tall hat is two imposing double twisted scarves, although this image is in black and white, the scarf descriptions are given as purple velvet and blue, which must have been very grand.

Two Tone Twisted shawls
Two Tone Twisted shawls


Fashions and Hats for meeting with friends.

Visiting Friends - 1940;s
Visiting Friends – 1940;s


Hat drapes  – twists and bows.

Hat drapes twists and bows 1943
Hat drapes twists and bows 1943


This beautiful handmade cotton lace or fine wool knitted headband simply tied around the head, was typical of the era 1912.  Placed in the centre was a slanting feather for height and special effect.   This imposing image was found on the front cover of the famous journal  LE THEATRE dated August 11th 1912.  Her name was Mlle. A. De Pouzols Saint-Phar = Du Theatre Nationale L’Opera.

1912 lace headband


Tied Head scarves August 1939 for web
Tied Head scarves August 1939 for web

This image is from the fashion journal publication, Marie Claire.  © Copyright 2015  (See Terms & Conditions),