Grand Theatre, Film production, Fashion Show & Celebration Hat Collection. New interpretations of many classical Vintage hat styles of the 20th Century for 2020.

About the latest 2017 Winter Season Christmas hats

A fabulous excuse to wear the most stunning hat of the year.   Create the mood with one of our most sort after stylish seasons hats to go with that Christmas outfit.

Classical traditional Christmas hats

  • Red is the Christmas hat colour of course but subtle added effects make all the difference.   Adding other colours is a must and what a choice goes with red.  Black is a favourite, gold, green and blue can be used.   Sparkle threads to yarn catch the light in the party gathering.  Fur textured wool is most popular now adding warmth to the chill in the air.
  • Easy fitting hats secured with adjustable sash or ribbons.
  • A special gift that brings a smile every time.
  • Handmade, capturing vintage styles for the spirit of Christmas
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Choice of the Week

Special Red Ribbon Chapeau

Christmas Hats Red Ribbin Hat